Thinking of running on the Big Island. Just because you are on and Island doesn’t mean you can’t get your runs in. If you are looking for some great exercise look no further than the Big Island of Hawaii! With its breathtaking views and wide open spaces, it’s a runner’s paradise. From local stores to Saddle Road running trails, there are plenty of places to explore when running Big Island. For those who want to make their run an adventure, we’ve put together some safety tips and accommodation options so that you can get the most out of your experience while staying safe on your journey. We’ll also discuss some great races and events that happen around the Big Island each year – perfect for any competitive runners out there wanting something more from their time spent running Big Island!

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Table of Contents:

  • Running on the Big Island
  • Running Stores on the Big Island
    • Locations and Hours of Operation
    • Types of Gear Available
    • Special Events & Promotions
  • Safety Tips for Running on the Big Island
  • Accommodations for Runners on the Big Island
  • Local Races and Events on the Big Island
  • FAQs in Relation to Running Big Island
    • Where can run in Kona?
    • Is Hawaii good for running?
    • How long does it take to drive around the entire Big Island?
    • Where can I run Hilo?
  • Conclusion

Running on the Big Island

The Big Island of Hawaii is a runner’s paradise, with an abundance of trails and roads to explore. When I’m looking for a good long run I go where the pros and the local age groupers get their run on. Saddle Road. Saddle Road running is one of the most popular activities on the island, as it offers stunning views and challenging terrain. The road runs from Hilo to Kona along Mauna Kea volcano, offering runners a unique experience in the heart of nature.

Saddle Road Running: Saddle Road is approximately 54 miles long and has several steep inclines that can be quite challenging for runners. It also features several scenic overlooks where you can take in panoramic views of Mauna Kea volcano and its surrounding landscape. As this route takes you through some remote areas, it’s important to plan ahead and bring plenty of water and snacks for your run. I usually start from the Waimea side of Saddle Road. Not crowded, plenty of places to park, and most importantly, good food afterward. Waimea Coffee Company and The Fish and the Hog are two of our favorites to refuel.

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Popular Trails to Run: There are many popular trails on the Big Island that offer great running opportunities for all levels. For those looking for an easy run, try out Wailoa River State Park or Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park; both feature flat paths with beautiful scenery along the way. For more experienced runners who want something more challenging, there are plenty of trails around Waipio Valley or Pololu Valley which offer steep climbs and rugged terrain perfect for testing your endurance levels.

Generally speaking, the summer months (May – September) tend to have warmer temperatures but higher humidity levels, making it difficult at times especially during mid-day hours when sun exposure is highest. Conversely, the winter months (October – April) tend to have cooler temperatures but lower humidity levels, making them ideal conditions for outdoor activities such as running or hiking.

Running on the Big Island offers a variety of terrain and climate for runners to explore. With the right gear and knowledge, anyone can enjoy a great run in paradise. Now let’s take a look at the running stores available on the Big Island.

Key Takeaway: The Big Island of Hawaii is a great place for runners, offering challenging terrain on Saddle Road and trails ranging from easy to difficult. The best time to run is during the winter months when temperatures are cooler and humidity levels lower.

Running Stores on the Big Island

Whether you’re an experienced runner or just getting started, there are plenty of options for finding what you need.

Locations and Hours of Operation

There are several running stores located on the Big Island that offer convenient hours for shopping. Some popular locations include Hilo Running Company in Hilo, Kona Running Company in Kailua-Kona, and Volcano Runners in Volcano Village. Each store offers different hours so be sure to check their website or call ahead before visiting.

Types of Gear Available

The stores stock all the basic necessities but if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for check a local bike shop. Remember the Big Island is the Mecca of Triathlons so between most of the stores you should be able to find most of what you are looking for if you didn’t have room in your suitcase.

Special Events & Promotions

In addition to carrying great gear for runners on the Big Island, some stores also host special events throughout the year such as group runs or races with prizes available at certain times. Be sure to check each store’s website or social media pages regularly for updates about upcoming events or promotions that may be happening near you.

From running stores to special events and promotions, the Big Island has a wide range of offerings for runners. But before you head out on your next run, be sure to check out our safety tips for running on the Big Island.

Safety Tips for Running on the Big Island

Weather Considerations: When running on the Big Island, it is important to consider the weather. The climate can vary greatly depending on where you are located. In some areas, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during summer months while in other areas they may be much cooler and more temperate. Additionally, rain showers can occur at any time of year so it’s best to check the forecast before heading out for a run. Make sure to dress appropriately and bring along extra layers if needed. Not a lot you can do about wind but during winter months the winds can really pick up. Those are the days we tend to do loops instead of getting too far away. Heavy winds or rains can wipe you out and make for a long walk home.

Wildlife Awareness: As with any outdoor activity, there is always a risk of encountering wildlife when running on the Big Island. It tends to be small animals or occasionally a goat. We’ve never had a bad encounter but we always remember we’re the guest and let them go on their way

The Big Island has destroyed many a runner. As pretty as the surroundings can be, the sun and humidity drain you quickly. Staying hydrated and properly nourished is essential for any runner visiting the Big Island due to its hot climate and strenuous terrain. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your runs in order to avoid dehydration which can lead to fatigue or worse yet heat stroke. Bring along snacks like energy bars or trail mix for an added boost during longer runs as well as electrolyte drinks like Gatorade which help replenish lost minerals from sweating profusely in hot climates such as Hawaii’s Big Island has been known for having. The asphalt can really get cooking here and as we said above, its not the out that gets you, it’s trying to get back. The Big Island is Big. Says it right there in the title. If you’re out for a longer run, let others know where you went because the distance between destinations can be vast areas with long distances between help.

Running on the Big Island can be a safe and enjoyable experience if you take the necessary precautions. With these tips in mind, now let’s look at some great accommodations for runners on the Big Island.

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Accommodations for Runners on the Big Island

For runners visiting the Big Island, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Hotels with fitness centers or tracks nearby offer a great way to stay active while on vacation. Many hotels have their own gyms, pools, and running tracks for guests to use at no extra cost. Additionally, some hotels may even provide special discounts for runners who book in advance.

Vacation rentals with access to trails or roads for running routes are also available throughout the island. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront condo or an inland cabin in the woods, many rental properties come equipped with scenic paths perfect for running outdoors. Some of these rentals may even be located near popular trails such as Pololu Valley Trailhead or Kilauea Iki Trailhead which can give you easy access to breathtaking views and challenging terrain during your run.

No matter what type of accommodation you decide on, it is important to remember that safety should always be your top priority when running outdoors in Hawaii’s tropical climate. Be sure to bring enough water and wear appropriate clothing so that you do not overheat during your runs.

Whether you’re looking for a hotel with a fitness center or a vacation rental with access to trails, the Big Island has plenty of accommodation options for runners. Next, let’s look at some of the local races and events available on the island.

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Local Races and Events on the Big Island

Whether you’re looking to compete in a marathon or just enjoy a leisurely jog, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Upcoming Races and Marathons: The Big Island hosts several marathons each year, including the Kona Marathon in January and the Hilo Marathon in April. Both offer scenic courses that take runners through some of the island’s most beautiful locations. There are also shorter races such as 5Ks and 10Ks held throughout the year at various locations around the island. You can always check the Big Island Running Store’s Race Calendar HERE

Fun Runs and Group Activities: For those who prefer something less competitive, there are plenty of fun runs on offer too. Many local running clubs host group activities such as beach jogs or sunset runs where participants can get together to socialize while enjoying their run. These activities often include post-run gatherings with food and drinks afterwards so it’s a great way to meet other like-minded people while getting your exercise in too.

If you’re looking for more structured training programs, then look no further than one of the many offered on the Big Island. From beginner level classes all the way up to advanced marathon training sessions, there is something suitable for everyone regardless of experience or fitness level. All these programs come with experienced coaches who will provide guidance every step along your journey towards achieving your goals.

FAQs in Relation to Running Big Island

Where can run in Kona?

Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a great place to go running. The area offers plenty of options for all levels and abilities. For those looking for a scenic run, Ali’i Drive is perfect – it runs along the coast with stunning views of Kailua Bay and beyond. If you’re looking for something more challenging, there are several trails in nearby parks such as Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park or Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park that offer beautiful scenery and varied terrain. And our favorite long run. Saddle Road

Is Hawaii good for running?

Yes, Hawaii is a great place for running. The Big Island offers many scenic trails and paths to explore, from the beaches of Kona to the rainforest of Hilo. The mild climate makes it ideal for year-round running and the variety of terrain provides something for everyone – whether you’re looking for an easy jog or a challenging trail run. With its breathtaking views and diverse landscapes, running in Hawaii can be an unforgettable experience.

How long does it take to drive around the entire Big Island?

It typically takes around 10-12 hours to drive around the entire Big Island of Hawaii. The total distance is approximately 200 miles and it can be completed in one day if you are an experienced driver and have a full tank of gas. However, there are many stops along the way that make for great sightseeing opportunities so it’s recommended to plan your route ahead of time and allow more than one day to explore all that this beautiful island has to offer.

Where can I run Hilo?

Hilo, located on the east side of Hawaii’s Big Island, is a great place to go for a run. The town itself offers scenic views along its waterfront and through its lush tropical rainforest. For those looking for more challenging terrain, there are plenty of trails in nearby Akaka Falls State Park or the Waipio Valley Lookout that offer spectacular views while running. If you’re up for an adventure, try tackling Mauna Kea’s summit trail – it’s definitely worth the effort. No matter where you choose to run in Hilo, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your needs and provides an unforgettable experience.


Running on the Big Island is a great way to explore its beautiful landscape and get some exercise. Whether you’re looking for a long run, or just an easy jog around town, there are plenty of options available. There are running stores on the island that can provide you with all your needs as well as safety tips for running in unfamiliar areas. Accommodations for runners can be found throughout the island so that you can rest up after your runs. And if you’re feeling competitive, there are local races and events taking place year-round to test your skills against other runners from around the world. So don’t hesitate – start planning your next running big island adventure today!

It’s time to come together and find solutions that will help preserve the Big Island of Hawaii. This stunning island is home to many unique species, a vibrant culture, and countless activities for visitors. We need to work collaboratively on strategies that reduce pollution, protect vulnerable ecosystems, conserve resources responsibly, promote sustainable tourism practices and support local businesses while ensuring everyone can enjoy this beautiful place in all its glory! Let’s start making positive change today!